F1: Doppietta Mercedes al GP di RUSSIA

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Nico Rosberg

This weekend really went really perfectly for me. Already in Qualifying I had found a perfect balance and that continued throughout the race, which was fantastic. I had a great start and from there was able to control the pace at the front. Thank you so much to everybody at the factories for building such an amazing car. If you have a car like this, you are really able to push to the limits and that’s an awesome feeling. Lewis drove really well to come back up to second so quickly, so well done to him too. The only down side to the weekend was to see that reliability is becoming a bit of a concern, as Lewis obviously has a problem yesterday and both cars had issues during the race today. But we have a great team behind us and I’m fully confident that we will sort this out. It´s unbelievable to go into the European races with four wins and I really look forward to Barcelona now. Thanks, #russia – you were very good to me!




Lewis Hamilton

Firstly, I would like to thank the guys who came together to get the new parts over here from the factory last night – and then to the mechanics who worked all through the night to get everything prepared for me to go out there and race today. The guys on my side of the garage are having a really hard time of it at the moment – but I have every faith and confidence in them. We’ve swapped things round in the garage a bit this season but that is absolutely not the reason we’ve been having issues. It hasn’t been the case for the past three years and I have no reason to believe it would be now. Without their hard work I wouldn’t even have got to this point, so a big thank you to them once again. The first corner was pretty hectic. I don’t know what happened – but I saw something happening in the corner of my eye and just thought “I’m not getting caught again!” I managed to get out of the way and avoid it – but if I’d turned in I would have collected them. It was pure instinct and I’m glad I was able to come out without any contact this time. From there I had good pace and I felt like I could challenge for the win – but then there was the water pressure problem which ended that chance. It was tough to hang on at the end but I handled it as best I could. I had to really nurse the car home and I’m just relieved to have made it to the flag after how this weekend has been. I’ve got a long way to go yet this season with not many healthy engine parts left, so we need to do a better job on reliability.




Kimi Raikonen

Nel complesso non è stato un fine settimana facile, oggi abbiamo cercato di ottenere il massimo. Grazie ad una bu partenza sono stato in grado di guadagnare la seconda posizione ma come accaduto l’anno scorso, dopo la Safety­car non sono riuscit tenere dietro la Williams sul rettilineo. A quel punto ho cercato riprendermi la posizione, ma Hamilton mi ha passato. Così abbiamo dec di ritardare il cambio gomme per cercare di recuperare terreno e abbia fatto un buon lavoro. La macchina si è comportata molto bene per tutt gara, anche se siamo stati costretti a risparmiare carburante e questo rallentato i nostri tempi sul giro. Il terzo posto di oggi è quello che sia
stati in grado di ottenere, ma non è l’ideale perchè noi vogliamo finire davanti con entrambe le vetture. E’ un pecc non poter lottare per la vittoria, ma dopo questo risultato continueremo a lavorare per trovarci in una posizi migliore.




Sebastian Vettel

E’ un vero peccato, perchè oggi avevamo azzeccato tutto. Ho fatto una buona partenza, s rimasto un po’ bloccato alla prima curva ma poi ho avuto via libera. Naturalmente partendo indietro si corr sempre più rischi, ma in griglia ero settimo, mica quindicesimo… Alla seconda curva stavo già attaccando prendermi la quinta posizione, ma se poi dietro qualcuno non frena non è che ci possa fare molto. Sono st tamponato violentemente una volta e poi di nuovo in curva 3, dove si è conclusa la mia corsa. A me risulta che gara sia di 53 giri, ma non tutti sembrano ricordarlo. Non credo di dover dire molto altro, penso che basti guardar immagini per trovare tutte le risposte. Oggi non ho nessuna colpa, non avrei potuto fare niente di diverso e tornassi indietro non cambierei nulla. Io non ce l’ho con lui (Kvyat), penso solo che abbia fatto un errore settimane fa e ne abbia fatto un altro oggi, ma questo adesso non mi serve a niente. Ovviamente oggi avrei vol verificare se il buon feeling con la macchina sarebbe continuato anche in gara, ma per il futuro non è cambiato nu Certamente sono deluso, ma ormai guardiamo già alla prossima gara.



Daniil Kvyat

There was a lot going on at the start and I didn’t expect to slow down as much, I locked the rear wheels and the car was a bit out of control which caused the contact with Sebastian. On Turn 3, I couldn’t see what was happening ahead, Sebastian seemed to slow down and unfortunately I didn’t have time to react and this caused the second contact. I’m sorry for Sebastian and also to the team as we gave away a lot of points today from both my side and Daniel’s. It doesn’t feel great, this is probably the messiest first lap of my career.

F1 Grand Prix of Russia - Qualifying

F1 Grand Prix of Russia

F1 Grand Prix of Russia - Qualifying

Daniel Ricciardo

It’s frustrating and a shame to be out of the race more or less from the first lap onwards but I think these things happen with racing. After the start I felt a big hit. I saw Seb come into me but it looked like he got hit as well. We had a lot of damage and had to pit. We thought we’d try the mediums but that wasn’t really working. Unfortunately the damage was so much that we didn’t really learn anything from today’s race and we don’t know what our pace was. Barcelona and Monaco should be better, so we have a few races to be excited about.

F1 Grand Prix of Russia - Previews

F1 Grand Prix of Russia

F1 Grand Prix of Russia - Qualifying

F1 Grand Prix of Russia - Qualifying

F1 Grand Prix of Russia - Qualifying

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